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Parenting Today is an online resource center dedicated to providing parents thoughtfully curated information on the many things informing a child’s mental and emotional state in today’s rapidly changing world.


Rather than thinking about our kids’ mental health from a narrow psychiatric and diagnostic viewpoint, we believe it’s more sensible to open our eyes to a wide array of factors, such as our environment, culture, family systems, emotions, stress level, nutrition and movement, all of which influence our children’s development in profound and pervasive ways.


Since all these things impact our kids, it makes sense that all these things should be part of our conversation around parenting, and around our kids’ mental health.

Here are some ways you can take advantage of what’s available at Parenting Today!

Watch Our Videos

Look for our FREE series of interviews to better understand these varied – but intersecting – aspects of our children’s lives. These videos are available to view now at Mad in America, a website dedicated to helping people challenge psychiatric dogma and take charge of their own mental health. Our expert speakers represent the cream of the crop in areas like child psychology, parenting philosophy, childhood nutrition, critical psychology and holistic medicine, and include best-selling authors such as Dan Siegel MD, Bessel van der Kolk PhD, Sarah Ballantyne PhD, Robert Whitaker PhD, Sharna Olfman PhD and David Healy PhD, among many others.

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We’re building a diverse community of parents, teachers and clinicians who want to broaden the conversation around our children’s mental health. When you join our FREE community, we’ll keep you up to date on new videos and real-world parenting tips. You’ll also be invited to join our private Facebook group of like-minded people who are having an ongoing, dynamic conversation about caring for and treating the whole child.

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We’re creating carefully curated educational offerings, featuring our expert speakers and building on the wisdom shared in our online videos. We’ll be packaging these with other practical materials and guides, to help parents more fully understand not only their children, but the world their children are growing up in. To be informed when these online programs become available, please join our mailing list.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about visualizing and creating a world where children are raised and educated in a way that results in emotionally balanced, resilient and self-confident kids.

Who We Are

Parenting Today is a collaboration between Eric Maisel and Heather Juergensen.

We believe children need a seat at the table in the larger conversation about psychiatric ethics and best practices.

Heather Juergensen

Heather Juergensen is a health coach, writer and creator of online content. Her mission is to help individuals and families redefine mental health as something we can consciously cultivate with informed lifestyle choices, as opposed to an elusive destination controlled by doctors and magic pills.

Eric Maisel, PhD

Eric Maisel, PhD is the author of more than fifty books and a noted thought leader in the movement known as critical psychology. Dr. Maisel is a retired family therapist, active coach and critical psychology advocate.

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